Local Decorative Gravel

Willis & Ainsworth can supply Local Decorative Gravel, Pebbles or Shingle for driveways, paths or planters. Local Gravels are products that are available from surrounding quarries at reasonable prices. Please see our Decorative Gravel page for more materials.

Gravel Matching

Please use the images provided to try and match or choose what you are looking for. If you are unsure, then please feel free to bring a sample into the office with you and we will do our best to match it for you.


Willis and Ainsworth stock samples of all the Local Decorative Gravel that is available and many others, although due to demand sometimes certain sizes may not be in stock.

Willis & Ainsworth Ltd, Terence House, 24 London Road, Thatcham, RG18 4LQ
  • Welshmans Gold Gravel

    Welshmans Golden Gravel

      Welshmans Golden Gravel is a pale golden flint and a mixture of white, cream, black, brown and grey colours. It is another of the famed "local" materials around the Thatcham, Newbury and Berkshire area. We deliver small and large loads to...

  • Golden Gravel

    Golden Gravel

      Golden gravel is a mixture of brown, cream, gold and black flint Shingle. It is another of the famous "local" gravels and was the most common gravel in the thames valley for around 15-20 years. Also know as Toffee and Newbury Flint. It is a great...

  • South Cerney Gravel South Cerney Gravel

    South Cerney Gravel

      South Cerney gravel is a rounded oolitic limestone. It is a cream / buff / yellow / beige even coloured gravel and one of the most popular decorative gravels available. It comes in a range of sizes 20mm, 10mm for driveways and paths and also 40mm...

  • Kennet Flint Gravel 10mm Kennet

    Kennet Flint Gravel

      Kennet Flint is a predominantly black, white and grey gravel with a small amount of brown in it. Kennet flint looks fresh and clean on drives and is very hard wearing stone. Kennet Flint is currently the most "local" gravel in the Newbury and...

  • Brams Hill Golden Gravel Brams Hill Golden Gravel

    Brams Hill Golden Gravel

      Brams Hill Golden Gravel is a toffee golden flint, it is darken than the other thames valley golden materials this is due to the dig site and the silt content around the material which gradually dyes the flint over millions of years. it is one of...