Special Decorative Gravel

Willis & Ainsworth can supply most gravel from all across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Decorative Gravel usually refers to any gravel, pebble or shingle that is used for a driveway, path or planter. Although some of these materials are very pretty they can be considered expensive.

Please see our Local Gravel page for more materials.

Gravel Matching

Please use the images provided to try and match or choose what you are looking for. If you are unsure then please feel free to bring a sample into the office with you and we will do our best to match it for you.


We have many samples of Decorative Gravel that are available. However due to the variation in sizes and different products that are available we are unable to stock samples of everything.

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    20mm Old English Chippings


    20mm Old English Chippings / Premier Cotswold chippings are another example of an oolitic limestone. It is very like the Cotswold Chippings and South Cerney Gravel but not such a cream or buff chipping. It is slightly harder wearing...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Brams Hill Golden Gravel

      Brams Hill Golden Gravel is a toffee golden flint, it is darker than the other Thames Valley golden materials, this is due to the dig site and the silt content around the material which gradually dyes the flint over millions of years. It is one of...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Caledonian Pebbles

      Caledoninan pebbles can also be called scotting pebbles, they are a rounded pebble with greys, blues and purples. It is a reiver washed pebble which gives it it's rounded shape. This product is suitable for drives, water features and fish. We...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Cambrian Green

      Cambrian green is a mixture of green angular limestone, it's colour is very unique and because it's a limestone it's a very durable material. This product is suitable for drives,borders and planters, water features and fish. This product can also...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Cheshire Pink

      Cheshire Pink is a semi rounded crushed flint material which is a pinky bown colour sepending on the seem being dug at the time. This product is suitable for drives, water features and fish. We deliver small and large loads to Thatcham, Newbury,...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Cotswold Chippings

      Cotswold Chippings are a dark/orangy yellow angled soft (oolitic) limestone. it gives a lovely finish to driveways or paths especially when you are looking to compliment other colours. Unlike flint based gravel oolitic limestone does break down...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Cotswold Self Binding Gravel

      Cotswold Self Binding Gravel is a specially blended path gravel. It comes in an orange/yellow colour. When laid Self Binding Gravel creates a surface which is very natural looking and is often used in heritage sites and parklands. The material...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Coxwell Self Binding Gravel

      Coxwell Self Binding Gravel is a unique self binding gravel with a natural reddish/brown colouring. Like all self binding gravels it has its own laying guidelines to help with water run off. The colour will mellow slightly as the product weathers...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Eco Granite

      Eco granite is a mixture of white and grey angled cornish granite. Eco granite is also know as, Silver Granite or Grey Granite there are slight variations in colour depending on what quarry is used to source the material. This product is suitable...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Golden Harvest Gravel

    Golden Harvest Gravel is unique product. Due to the location of the quary it is a mixture of flint, oolitic limestone and some quartz. It is also known as Oxford Gravel. It's slightly different to the conventional materials and definitley worth looking...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Kennet Flint Gravel

      Kennet Flint is a predominantly black, white and grey gravel with a small amount of brown in it. Kennet flint looks fresh and clean on drives and is very hard wearing stone. Kennet Flint is currently the most "local" gravel in the Newbury and...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Leighmouth Golden Gravel

      Leighmouth Golden Gravel is a mixture of brown, cream, gold and black flint gravel. It is currently imported into the area as a substitute for the old "Local" shingle. It is a sea dredged material which makes it semi-angular / semi-rounded with...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Pink Limestone

      Pink Limestone is one of the less common decorative gravels but arguably one of the most attractive available in the UK. It is a mixture of shades of pale pink and grey limestone gravel, it is hard wearing and long lasting. It is also known as...

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