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Willis & Ainsworth can offer a range of Equestrian Products which are ideal for Menage Surfaces and Horse Arenas. Whether constructing a perfect all weather horse arena from the start or simply topping up and improving an existing one we are able to offer advice and help regarding products available to fit within your budget.

Sub Base

Drainage is one of the most important factors.  It is extremely important to take this into account when choosing the site for your new arena or school and also to go under your silica sand.  If any doubt you should always consult a drainage expert or reputable arena constructor who should also be able to advise appropriate products to use. 

We have a range of primary and recycled products that are excellent for the base of riding schools and arenas.  In an ideal world we would always recommend primary products are used but the cost of these can be prohibitive and there are some very good recycled products currently on the market which can be used as cheaper substitutes

We recommend the use of a porous membrane between the base and the silica sand.  This will prevent the sand from washing down into the base and drainage materials and clogging the base up. The membrane is also crucial in helping the sand retain some moisture.  The balance between the drainage and the moisture that the sand needs to be effective is crucial. Once again if in any doubt you must consult a drainage expert or reputable arena constructor.

Silica Sand

As an aggregate supplier we source our silica sands from all over the country and are only too happy to obtain what you ask for. We can supply Redhill fine, Dorset silica sand and Garside Silica sand should you require and many, many more.  The distance which you live from the quarries that extract and screen these sands can have considerable impact on the cost and sometimes it is necessary to compromise on the sand you would really like. 

You will be able to ride on some of the silica sands we supply when laid to a depth of 4 to 5 inches without the need for a rubber or alternative topping. The rubber, fibres or alternative topping should be laid according to the producer’s specifications.  It is imperative that you have given the sand time to compact before putting a topping on (usually around 2 weeks). It also needs to be rained on or watered for some time before this.

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      Woodchip is a general all purpose mulch and decorative wood based product. It is a cheap alternative to Bark, Play bark and Ornamental Bark. It can be used for mulching, weed suppression, composting and to make areas look more attractive. Very...

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    Recycled Equestrian Rubber

      Recycled Equestrian Rubber (recycled nylon polymer fibres) is recovered from recycled tyres and then pulverised to form a fine fibrous product. The 'root' like nature of this product ensures it binds to the sand to stabilise the surface whilst...

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    South Cerney Gravel

      South Cerney Gravel is a rounded oolitic limestone. It is a cream / buff / yellow / beige even coloured gravel and one of the most popular decorative gravels available. It comes in a range of sizes 20mm, 10mm for driveways and paths and also 40mm...

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    Silica Sand

      Silica Sand can be found in only a few locations across the UK. Willis & Ainsworth prides itself on supplying you the finest quality sand at the most competitive prices. We can supply Silica Sand that is perfect for most equestrian...

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    Grey Limestone Chippings

      Grey Limestone Chippings, are a range of mid to dark colours with very occasional whites and pinks. Because they are an angular stone they knit together well.  This type of limestone is a long lasting and hard wearing gravel and a good...

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    0-4mm Limestone Dust

      0-4mm Limestone dust is an excellent binding dust and is often used to help bind scalpings or MOT Type 1 together if they are slightly stonier than required or have been down for a long time and the dust has washed away.  It is sometimes used...

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    4-20mm Limestone Chippings

      20mm limestone Chippings are used in SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Solution). This can be used as a crunch layer underneath the 2-6mm Limestone Chippings when laying a permeable paving or needing to conform to SUDS. Also known as Priora...

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    63-10mm Limestone Chippings

      63-10mm Limestone angular chippings are used in SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System). This is used as a base product due to its free draining ability, it is put down before the 2-6mm chippings. It is also known as priora or aquaflow base stone...

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    80-40mm Crushed No Fines

      80-40mm crushed no fines is an alternative to 40mm, rejects or oversized drainage materials. It is commonly used for drainage but can be used as a free draining sub base. Due to its shape and sizing it drains water very well but it also knits...

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    40mm Recycled Shingle

      40mm Recycled Shingle is made from crushed concrete, brick and reclaimed gravel. The material is usually angular due do it being crushed and screened during the recycling process. Like "rejects" it is very good for drainage and is ideal for use in...

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    20mm Recycled Shingle

      20mm Recycled Shingle is made from crushed concrete, brick and reclaimed gravel. Unlike 20mm Primary Gravel(s), Recycled Gravel is not a decorative material and we do not suggest laying it on a driveway as a decorative shingle or stone. It is...

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    10mm Recycled Shingle

      10mm Recycled Shingle is made from crushed concrete, brick and reclaimed gravel. Unlike 10mm primary gravel, recycled shingle is not a decorative material and we do not suggest laying on driveways and paths as a decorative shingle or stone...

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