Delivery FAQ

How Do You Deliver?

99% of our deliveries are loose tipped. Some orders of Decorative Gravel or Ericaceous Soil may come bagged.

How Quickly Can You Deliver?

Deliveries are usually done within 24-48 hours/1-2 working days.. Same day deliveries are sometimes available. In the Spring and Summer deliveries can take 3-4 working days at our busiest times.

Do You Offer Same Day Deliveries?

Yes we do. However it isn't always possible as we have a maximum daily capacity. We suggest you book deliveries in ahead of time

Can I Specify My Delivery Time?

Unfortunately we can't promise or pinpoint delivery times. We try to be as accommodating as possible to suit your needs. Because we offer a range of delivery options with each vehicle they have certain constrictions depending on what is already in the diary for they day.

As a rule of thumb we offer the following deliveries:

Am 1st Thing


Am Last Load (around 11AM-12PM)

PM 1st Thing


Pm Last Load (around 4PM - 5PM)

Please note with externally shipped loads we cannot offer this service.

Do You Supply Bulk Bags?

The short answer for this is no*. 99% of everything we supply is loose tipped.

The reason for this is bulk bags rarely hold 1 tonne (1000 KG). They usually hold around 750-850 KG which can make them expensive in comparison to loose tipped loads.

*However there are some exceptions to the rules and we do supply some materials bagged. These are mainly decorative aggregates like Eco Granite or something like Ericaceous Soil.

Alternatively if you are looking for large loads (15+ Bulk bags) of a certain material and bags are your only option we can quote you for them for you.

How Big Are Your Vehicles?

Please see this PDF to find out the exact sizes of our 3 vehicles.

Where Do You Deliver To?

Our main coverage area is:

Newbury, Reading, Thatcham, Hungerford, Tadley, Maidenhead, Henley on Thames, Didcot and the surrounding towns and Villages.

What's The Minimum You Deliver?

We will deliver anything from 0.5 Tonnes upwards (500KG). We can deliver less but it won't necessarily save you any money.

What's The Maximum You Can Deliver?

On our own vehicles we can deliver up to 11 tonnes. We use external hauliers for our 20 & 28 tonne loads and can supply as much material as you need.


Can You Perform A Drag and Drop?

Yes we can, we offer a drag and drop service on all our vehicles. This does need to be booked in prior to delivery as we need to allow the extra time needed on site.

With externally shipped loads we cannot offer this service. Unfortunately as the drivers don't work for us we cannot ask them what to do.