Sub Base

At Willis & Ainsworth we pride ourselves in supplying all types of Sub Base and Hardcore materials for any job. We have access to both primary Limestone based materials and Recycled materials. 

Primary vs. Recycled

There is always the question of Primary Sub Base vs. Recycled Hardcore.

Some differences should be mentioned in the product description but the main point for most products is the price. This has the most impact on larger 20 tonne loads or big jobs that need 100s-1000s of tonnes. We would suggest sticking to primary materials or the material specified by the surveyor, unless you or your groundworker / builder really know what to expect with Recycled products. Every producer has different standards when producing recycled materials and only products that are tested comply to a certain standard.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)

Materials that comply to "SUDS" are a more recent product within the aggregate industry. These are the materials that conform to Marshalls ® Formpave ® AquaPave ® and AquaSlab ® paving solutions laying guidleines. There is also MOT Type 3 (DOT or MOT type 1 X) this material is what is the suggested base material to all new drives.

  • MOT Type 3

    MOT Type 3

    Type 3 is a crushed Granite or Limestone sub-base similar to Type 1 but with reduced fines to allow water to free drain as a permeable sub base. This material is screened as a blended 0/50mm. This material is used with SUDS (sustainable urban drainage...

  • MOT Type 1

    MOT Type 1

    MOT TYPE 1 sub base is a crushed limestone or granite. It is usually graded as a 0/32mm or 0/40mm. It is often called different names such as D.O.T. Department of Transport or M.O.T. Ministry of Tranport "Type 1". For the material to be called "Type 1"...

  • Scalpings

    40mm Scalpings

    Scalpings is a 40mm down to dust limestone or granite material. It can often be confused with MOT Type 1 however it doesnt have to conform to any testing and therfor scalpings tend to be stonier or "dustier" than type 1. It is generally used under...

  • 0-4mm Dust

    0-4mm Limestone Dust

    A 0-4mm Limestone dust. This is an excellent binding dust and is often used to help bind scalpings or MOT Type 1 together if they are slightly stonier than required or have been down for a long time and the dust washed away.  It is sometimes used...

  • 40mm Recycled Shingle

    40mm Recycled Shingle

      40mm Recycled Shingle is made from crushed concrete, brick and reclaimed gravel. The material is usually angular due do it being crushed and screened during the recycling process. Like "rejects" it very good for drainage and is ideal for use in...

  • 20mm Recycled Shingle

    20mm Recycled Shingle

      20mm Recycled Shingle is made from crushed concrete, brick and reclaimed gravel. Unlike 20mm Primary Gravel(s), Recycled Gravel is not a decorative material and we do not suggest laying it on a driveway as a decorative shingle or stone. It...