Building Materials

Building Materials are the core materials used within the building, construction, landscaping and groundwork industry. Primary material is quarried and processed in quarries and although they can be more expensive than Recycled Aggregates, nearly all primary materials will carry a BS number unlike many recycled products.

What we supply

We can supply: Building SandBallastSharp Sand10mm Pea Shingle20mm Gravel40mm and Rejects to name but a few of the primary materials.

For decorative gravel please go the the Local Decorative Gravel page or Other Decorative Gravel for more specialist materials.

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    0-4mm Sharp Sand


    Sharp Sand is also known as grit sand, concreting sand and coarse sand. It can be used under slabs and block pavers when laying patios and block paved drives and paths. It is often used for rendering and can be used on its own or mixed with building sand...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    20mm Ballast


    Ballast is a mixture of sharp sand and 0-20mm stone that is used mainly for concreting. It is often used for footings and oversites when very large loads of pre-mixed concrete would be too much for a small job. It is also used for drives, pathways,...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    20mm Gravel

      20mm gravel is usually a 10-20mm graded material. Our "local" material is flint based but it comes in many different colours. 20mm Gravel can be used for: drainage, pipe bedding, planters, grass alternative, driveways and footpaths. 20mm Gravel is...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    10mm Gravel

      10mm gravel is usually a 5-10mm graded material. Our "local" material is flint based but it comes in many different colours. 20mm Gravel can be used for: drainage, pipe bedding, planters, grass alternative, driveways and footpaths. 10mm Gravel is...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Sharp & Washed Mixed Sand (Plastering Sand)

      Mixed Sand is a blend of washed plastering sand and sharp sand, it is blended together to make the materials easier to work with on certain jobs and to help get a better finish. It is used for screeding or plastering jobs. We deliver small and...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Washed Plastering Sand

      Washed Plastering Sand is washed sand specifically produced for plastering and rendering. It is more expensive than local building sands as it is processed to remove unwanted silt content and is also imported into the area. It can also be...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Building Sand

      Building sand is often known as 'soft sand' and is a screened, clean sand that is used to lay bricks. Plasterers also use our local building sand for plastering and rendering as it is extremely versatile. We can supply: Upwood Building Sand, Frith...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Reject Gravel

      40mm plus uncapped rejects flint is unwashed and a true reject material. It is all oversized gravel i.e. all gravel over 40mm. Some of our local rejects can be used in infill, backfill, drainage and soakaways. This is because it is naturally...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    40mm Gravel

      40mm Gravel is usually a 20-40mm graded material. Our "local" 40mm is flint based but it comes in many different colours. 40mm Gravel can be used for: drainage, pipe bedding, oversites and borders. 40mm Gravel can be a mixture of materials, this...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Type 1 M.O.T / D.O.T


    MOT TYPE 1 sub base is a crushed limestone or granite product. It is usually graded as a 0/32mm or 0/40mm. It is often called different names such as D.O.T. (Department of Transport) or M.O.T. (Ministry of Transport) "Type 1". For the material to be...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    40mm Scalpings

      Scalpings is a 40mm down to dust limestone or granite material. It can often be confused with MOT Type 1 however, it doesn't have to conform to any testing and therefore scalpings tend to be stonier or "dustier" than Type 1. It is generally...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Coarse Silver Sand (Horticultural Grit)

      Lime-free Coarse Silver Sand is ideal for horticultural use. It is mainly used to help drainage in gardens by mixing it with soil. In general building applications it is used in particular when laying slabs or flagstones of specific colours as its...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    MOT Type 3

      Type 3 is a crushed granite or limestone sub-base product similar to Type 1 but with reduced fines to allow water to free drain as a permeable sub base. This material is screened as a blended 0/50mm. This material is used with SUDS (Sustainable...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    0-4mm Limestone Dust

      0-4mm Limestone dust is an excellent binding dust and is often used to help bind scalpings or MOT Type 1 together if they are slightly stonier than required or have been down for a long time and the dust has washed away.  It is sometimes used...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    2-6mm Limestone Chippings

      2-6mm Limestone chippings are used in SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System). This is used as a substitute for sharp sand due to its free draining ability. It is also known as priora and aquaflow chippings and is one of the suggested laying...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    4-20mm Limestone Chippings

      20mm limestone Chippings are used in SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Solution). This can be used as a crunch layer underneath the 2-6mm Limestone Chippings when laying a permeable paving or needing to conform to SUDS. Also known as Priora...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    63-10mm Limestone Chippings

      63-10mm Limestone angular chippings are used in SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System). This is used as a base product due to its free draining ability, it is put down before the 2-6mm chippings. It is also known as priora or aquaflow base stone...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Type 2

      Type 2 (SHW 804)  is a blended sub-base. It is basically a mixture of Type 1 and Scalpings and used for path ways and driveways. It conforms to BS EN 13285 Categories for unbound mixture properties. Type 2 is used less and less as it is not...

  • Willis & Ainsworth

    Sand Bags

      We can provide filled and empty sand bags all year around, available for delivery or collection from our Thatcham office. We deliver small and large loads to Thatcham, Newbury, Reading and all the surrounding towns and villages around Berkshire,...

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